28AprWhy you must try the soul soothing fishing experience at Annant Villa

Fishing is a sport, hobby and also a business of catching fish. Fishing as a hobby helps you move out of your house and seek nature. Having an activity connected to nature is good for your body and mind. It helps to unwind and take some time off from the fleeting city life.

Fishing is a slow and meditative activity that gives you a sense of accomplishment in the end best for your mental well-being. Fishing makes you patient and improves your self-esteem. It is rewarding, as, in the end, the fish you catch is cooked as a great feast. Fishing is a unique hobby and an experience in itself. And if you visit Goa, you should give it a try!

Blessed with the beaches, fresh rivers and backwaters on all sides, Goa is filled with fish varieties like nowhere else. At Annant Villa – rivervillasgoa we don’t want our guests to miss this extraordinary activity. We provide you with a first-class private fishing experience, which can also act as a learning of your fishing for the first time.

At Annant Villa, along with a king-size pool, a private river dock, yacht services, fishing is also one of the water-related activities offered to you. We believe that fishing is a soul-soothing activity you can ever do. We have all the equipment right from nets to fishing rods and reels, helping you enjoy every bit of it! 

The icing on the cake would be our in-house chef who would prepare authentic Goan style dishes with the fish you catch during your stay. The satisfaction and joy this would bring to you are unmatched. 

So what are you waiting for? Book with rivervillasgoa today and enjoy the most breathtaking fishing experience in the tropical goodness of goa. 

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