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Luxury Yacht Experience In Goa
6 Jun Hidden Goa

North Goa is not just a place but an emotion, with its sizzling Goan nightlife, hippie markets, and impeccable beaches. North Goa makes up for all…

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A Day At Annant Villa
6 Jun Day At Annant Villa

Away from the crowd, in between peaceful lush green surroundings, the Annant Villa is what anybody can dream of for unwinding and relaxing. Known as the…

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Perks Of Staying in A Rental Luxury Villa
6 Jun Rental Luxury Villa

North Goa is not only about the stunning beaches and mystic ambience, but it's also home to exclusive luxury villas for rent that will make your…

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Why you must try the soul soothing fishing experience at Annant Villa
5 May Soul-Soothing fishing experience

Fishing is a sport, hobby and also a business of catching fish. Fishing as a hobby helps you move out of your house and seek nature.…

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Why you must plan for an unforgettable kayaking ride at Annant villa
5 May Adeventerous kayaking

Between the lush green trees and serene rivers of North Goa,  among the activities like fishing, bird watching and swimming, kayaking is the most adventurous experience.…

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How to plan a surprise yacht birthday party
6 May Personalized yacht

Every moment could be stunning and unforgettable when your birthday is celebrated, with the backdrop of water and the skyline. A birthday party in the beautiful…

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bird watching in north goa
5 May Nature Bird Watching

Birdwatching, also called birding, is an extremely unique activity of observing birds, or simply watching them for joy. It is also extremely useful because it provides…

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8 Apr Perfect Summer

Summers are synonymous to vacations, family picnics, beaches and a tan. And now is the perfect time for you to start planning your annual summer trip!We…

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Experience Luxury Yachting in Goa at Annant Villa
8 Apr Luxury Yachting

Yacht sails have been catching so much attention nowadays! Be it birthdays or just a chill weekend with your friends, you can definitely book a yacht!…

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Annant Villa


H.No.497, Deulwada
Dhargal Village, Pernem
North goa -403513



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