21AprWhy you must plan for an unforgettable kayaking ride at Annant villa

Between the lush green trees and serene rivers of North Goa,  among the activities like fishing, bird watching and swimming, kayaking is the most adventurous experience. And the good news is we at Annant Villa, host an unforgettable Kayaking experience for you and your family and friends.

Most people come to Goa for parties and seafood, but if you are looking for the adventure and nature, water sports and activities should be on your to-do list. A kayak is a low, close to the water, built like a canoe boat, in which the paddlers can sway the water and move forward using a double blade paddle. It comes as a single, double and multi-seater setup which helps you enjoy as a group.

At Annant Villa, all the rooms face an exquisite river view, and we also have a private river dock extending into a calm, beautiful river. We have canoes, rowing boats, kayaks and paddles and trained staff to help you kayak, supervise and ensure complete safety while you’re at it.

While you are kayaking, you can also enjoy the lush green scenery of the river banks, which also house a lot of tropical trees and birds. It is truly a pleasure being in the midst of nature as it helps your mind, body and soul refresh. The cool breeze passing by as you row will soothe your soul and get you all the vacation feels you are expecting.

Kayaking is easy, fun and exhilarating. You can make everyone participate in it and have a little kayak race among yourselves. It is for sure going to be an unforgettable experience. 

Book with us today and enjoy the true essence of Goa – https://rivervillasgoa.com/  

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