7Aprbird watching in north goa

Birdwatching, also called birding, is an extremely unique activity of observing birds, or simply watching them for joy. It is also extremely useful because it provides a connection between humans and the natural environment they live in. One knowing and having intimacy with their natural surroundings is extremely essential. 

Birdwatching does not require you to know the science behind birds, most birdwatchers are in for it for social and recreational reasons. More often to be in the midst of nature. A birdwatcher may observe using naked eye, binoculars or even a telescope.

The best birdwatching is done in serene, quiet locations, which also brings a lot of peace to your mind. And what is more beautiful than Goa? Goa is beyond just parties and beaches, Tropical coconut trees and rich rivers, just perfect for you to find exotic birds in this region, the golden Oriole, Kingfisher, Hornbill, and many more leaving your eyes in amazement. Goa has many birding spots and also a bird sanctuary to add to its beauty. 

If you are visiting goa for a vacay and looking for something different and adventurous to try, put birdwatching on your list. And rivervillasgoa – Annant Villa could be the perfect place for you! Along with luxury rooms, a private pool and a  private yacht service, they also have birdwatching on their long list of amenities and services. 

At Annant villa, we aim to bring you the best and the most unique experiences to you. Experiences which connect to your soul, rejuvenates your mind and becomes a fond memory for a lifetime. Birding helps you calm and see nature like never before, bird watching is both mentally and physically good for you.

Many people indulge in bird watching and take it up as a hobby, they observe, learn and also take vacations just for it! You can do it too, with many other activities, at everyone’s favorite destination Goa. 

Check out https://rivervillasgoa and book yourself an extraordinary trip with birdwatching in it!

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